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*Harvesting our Community- Ever wanted to learn how to grow your own organic food?? Join us at the Community Garden every Sunday from 9-12noon located on 11th Avenue and Vineyard. Come help plant and work the soil, also for growth and awareness of how Arizona land can feed you and your family. Ask for Stephanie upon arrival!! SEED DONATIONS are always welcomed.

*Chess and HipHop- Come learn how to play chess and get some real mental growth and disipline with the Vanguard initiative. Free every Wednesday

from 6-7PM at Black Wall Street Phx 3146 E. Wier Avenue Phoenix 85040, ste#32.

Volunteer Spotlight

Antoinette James

Antoinette is our March volunteer of the month! She volunteers during the
week as our SOHH PHX social media network guru! She helps to keep our
social media updated with all the haps! We cannot thank her enough!! 
School of HipHop PHX 2320 E. Baseline Road, suite 148-227 Phoenix, AZ